Marigold Crystal Collection is committed to offering only the finest crystals and gems sourced responsibly from mines and vendors across the globe. We take pride in delivering authentic, raw, and natural items right to your doorstep, which you can use as an accessory or keep at home for their holistic properties. At Marigold, we believe that being the best version of yourself is a journey that starts with creating a positive self-image and environment. We want to help you achieve that goal by bringing nature
into your life and inspiring you to be your unique self. Our products are formed under pressure by the elements of nature and are organic and timeless.
We hope our collection helps you create your calm and reminds you to smile
because you are amazing.

"Surviving the elements of nature - organic, raw, formed under pressure to create the most beautiful timeless pieces."


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Connecting wellness with nature.

Wear your accessories directly from nature to keep you grounded and help meet your wellness goals.

Why Marigold?

We select only the finest pieces from mines and vendors all over the world. All items are responsibly sourced, authentic, raw, and delivered directly to your door.

Marigold Crystal Collection

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10% of all proceeds of the JM Crystal Bracelet will be donated to help with breast cancer research in honor of my sister, who is my hero and the example of what strength looks like—the example of a genuine living crystal in its most beautiful human form.